Elan Amir

Head Foodie

Elan is the Host and Leading Expert on Foodpreneurship. Elan is a Foodie who loves interviewing other foodies.

Arthur Tubman

Backstage Master

The Backstage Master Foodie Tasting, Testing and Controlling all the Switches in the background. Arthur Sparingly appears on special segments on the podcast, and when he speaks everyone listens.

Welcome to The Foodpreneur!

The Foodpreneur, for foodies by foodies, is a show about health-conscious food innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs and the stories behind the brands they’ve built. Every episode tells the story of the featured Foodpreneur’s journey filled with triumphs, failures, memories and insight.

As born foodies, Elan (the host) and Arthur (the magician behind the scenes), they came together in September 2016 to reignite their passion for healthy, delicious food. Upon doing research for breaking into the massive food industry, they realized what the industry lacked was the stories behind the brands. We rarely hear or see the journey from idea to grocery store sensation but we are forever loyal to many of these brands and products. And just like that, The Foodpreneur was born…
If you are a Foodpreneur, dream about becoming one or even just a flat out foodie and want to know the stories behind your favorite food brands, check out The Foodpreneur hosted by Elan Amir.